Comodity Trading


ORION has established trading house dealing with valuable cargoes. With an extensive and exclusive network of suppliers to fulfil the demand for following commodities:
  • Cement Clinker
  • Aggregate
  • Minerals and Fertilizers
  • Rice
  • Fresh Coconut
  • Oil & Gas equipment and materials


With an exclusive network of suppliers we are leading the pack in fulfilling any demands for Bulk Aggregate ranging from 20mm to 45mm.
We have the capability to supply large quantities of up to 300,000 MT a Month to desired destinations with various specifications and multiple quarry locations from Malaysia.
The Aggregate is regarded as one of the best for its purpose and has a history of being utilized in high value construction projects.
Grades: 20 – 45 MM
Supply: 300,000 MT per Month (ready Stock)


Malaysia has one of the best quality of construction Sand available globally and we can achieve supply of 100,000 MT per month as and when required.
There are various grades of Sand from river to coral and Silica Sand; all of highest quality from our supply base.
Example Test Report:
Origin: Terengganu
Silica Sand: SiO2
Grav.: 99.6%


Sourced from exclusive supplier of high quality Clinker in Bulk from ASEAN Region.
With the firm capability in supplying shipments of up to 100,000 MT a Month to any location in the World.
The Bulk Clinker is of low moisture content of less than 0.11% and hence of International standard and quality.
We offer comprehensive procurement solution with complete logistics provided from sourcing cargo to providing sea and land transportation as well loading supervision and delivery.


Supplied from our reliable resource in Indonesia and Thailand we can cater to all needs of quantity and packaging.
The Cement is delivered either in 1 – 1.5 MT Jumbo Bags of various sizes or in International standard 50 KG bags.
We can provide guaranteed high quality of Cement and to required quantities up to 70,000 MT per Month with full logistics integrated in our services. Value added services offered with labelling and packaging of cargo as required.


Over the years we have established successful partnerships with family owned businesses who have decades of farming experience and integrity in producing only the best quality of rice.
Be it long grain aromatic Kernal Basmati Rice or Sella Basmati from Pakistan and India, to the fragrant Thailand Jasmine Rice, we are able to cater to all needs and demands for clients Globally.
We have the capability to supply large quantities of up to 500,000 MT a Month to desired location with value added services such as own labelling and packaging in to various sized bags, either hessian or polypropylene woven bags.


The coconut supplied from Indonesia from our dedicated farms are of highest quality and come with or without the husk, we are able to supply exclusively up to 500,000 pieces on daily basis, that is an impressive 1.5 Million Coconuts a Month!!!
The coconut packaged in bags with international shipments delivered in dry box or reefer containers as per requirement by our clientele. The Fresh Coconuts, without the husks sizes minimum circumference 10”-12” with the weight approximately of 1.00 kgs for each piece. The Fresh Coconuts age about 80 days and above. Please enquire for competitive prices and supply quantities.

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