Magnetic Compass adjusters


Orion Maritime has highly skilled, experienced and qualified magnetic compass adjuster and available at all Malaysian Port and neighbouring countries providing marine compass adjusting services for ocean going and coastal ships, high speed crafts, local & visiting yachts and to all vessels requiring accurate magnetic compass reparation.

Magnetic Compass – Importance & Significance

State of the Art Technology such as GNSS (GPS, AIS, ECDIS) can be a great asset to the modern seafarer - when it works properly. As known commonly, it sometimes doesn't, since all of the modern equipment are reliant on power source. User errors due to inadequate training, fatigue and "information overload" can also contribute to inaccuracies and misinterpretation of data. Over reliance on electronic navigation aids leads to complacency and sometimes to disaster.
In recent years, there have been numerous well documented occasions on which a sudden, unexpected loss of power or the undetected inaccuracy of electronic instruments, has rapidly developed into a serious crisis.
Very often, the ability and readiness to switch to old fashioned "manual" navigation, including the use of a reliable magnetic compass, has made the difference between continuing the voyage safely and a major marine incident.

Why engage a professional, qualified compass adjuster?

Effective correction, or compensation, of the marine compass for any deviation error found during the compass swing requires an understanding of the earth's and ship's magnetic fields and an ability to differentiate between the permanent magnetism of the ship's hard iron and the induced magnetism of the ship's soft iron.
ORION professionals have the necessary expertise to recognize this and possess the practical knowledge of the workings of the marine compass and its correctors. International standards for magnetic compasses and compass adjusting are governed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) SOLAS 74 Convention.
ORION services meets the International magnetic compass requirements from:
  • IMO (SOLAS 74 Convention & HSC Code)
  • Marine Department of Malaysia
  • Classification Societies
  • Flag administrations
  • Port State Control

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